Joseph P. DeMaria Architect
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P H I L O S O P H Y   O F   P R A C T I C E

In an age defined by the virtual, the cheap and the ephemeral, I practice architecture in opposition to these trends. Instead, I express belief in the primacy of reality, the wonder and beauty of nature, quality building and architecture respectful of the dignity of the human person and place.

Within the hierarchy of architectural works the highest forms are religious buildings; cathedrals, churches and temples. These are followed by civic, educational, commercial, industrial and residential building types.

With more than thirty years of practice experience, I have accumulated a clientele and built within this entire spectrum of buildings and continue so to this day.

I welcome the difficult project, for those with the will to pursue it, out of the belief, consistent with Toynbee, that the highest civilizations and cultures are a response to a difficult climate, a rough site and challenges to our survival instinct.

Architecture is not only about design; it is about construction, building the project. I maintain an ongoing presence at the site during construction, with constant contractor dialogue, to assure the project will be built according to the best practices of the trades and the highest affordable quality.

I offer full architectural and master planning services with specialization in church, institutional, educational, commercial, residential and renewable energy buildings.

The goal more often than not is to create a place which will reveal the wonder and awe of creation.

Please contact me with your questions, concerns and how you believe I may be of service to you or your institution.